Tyler Mordy

President and CIO
Forstrong Global Asset Management Inc.

Tyler MordyTyler joined Forstrong in 2003 and is the firm’s President and CIO. Since joining the firm, Tyler has become a recognized innovator in the design and application of “global macro” ETF portfolios. He is widely quoted and interviewed by the financial media for his views on global investment strategy and ETF trends.

Prior to joining Forstrong, Tyler gained international experience at Deutsche Asset Management where he worked as an analyst out of the London, U.K. location.

Tyler is a CFA charterholder and holds a BA with a double major in Mathematics and English Literature from the University of British Columbia.

Funds managed

“Our approach seeks to add diversity and differentiation to the typical core holdings of Canadian investors, primarily through exposure to non-traditional sources of market-beating returns identified through our macro asset allocation strategy.” 

Tyler's philosophy

Tyler’s top-down approach is global in scope and focuses on identifying long-term macro trends. He invests across a broad universe of asset classes and regions, including hard assets, global real estate and currencies. Using an active approach to asset allocation, Tyler seeks to buy risk assets when they are cheap, and sell them when they become expensive. He efficiently executes his asset allocation decisions using exchange-traded funds (ETFs).