Amar Dhanoya

Portfolio Manager
IA Clarington Investments Inc.

Amar Dhanoya Amar joined the iA Clarington investment management team as a Senior Investment Analyst in 2013 and was named Portfolio Manager in 2016. Amar specializes in fixed income and structured finance, with a focus on senior loans, high yield bonds and asset backed securities.

In the past, Amar worked as an investment analyst on the debt platform of a leading U.S. private equity firm and in credit portfolio management and loan capital markets at various global investment banks.

Amar holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and a Bachelor of Science from Pepperdine University.

Funds managed

IA Clarington Core Plus Bond Fund IA Clarington Floating Rate Income Fund IA Clarington Tactical Bond Fund IA Clarington Tactical Bond Class IA Clarington U.S. Dollar Floating Rate Income Fund

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