Agam Sharma is a Portfolio Manager for IA Clarington Global Multi-Asset Fund. He joined PineBridge Investments in 2013 and leads the global client-facing function for the Global Multi-Asset Team. Agam contributes to the firm’s Capital Market Line and multi-asset strategy, and participates in portfolio implementation efforts.

Prior to joining PineBridge Investments, Agam spent seven years at BlackRock Inc., where he was part of the Special Opportunities Group, helping to identify and structure investment opportunities across multiple fixed-income segments and alternative asset classes. Prior to that, Agam was a senior consultant with Deloitte, where he advised senior client executives globally on strategy, business process and technology solutions across several industry sectors.

Agam holds an MBA in Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a Masters in biotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Agam’s philosophy

Fundamental-driven asset allocation and intensive, bottom-up credit research and security selection are the cornerstones of Agam’s approach. He invests across an intermediate time horizon, based on his view that market prices typically converge with fundamentals over a nine to 18 month period. This intermediate timeframe sits between a pure tactical approach, which he believes is too short-term for prices to connect well with fundamentals, and a strategic approach, which is too long for most investor needs. Agam’s approach dynamically and nimbly adapts to changing market conditions with the goal creating consistent, attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Our investment process


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