Larry Sarbit

Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager
Sarbit Advisory Services Inc.

Larry-Sarbit-square As Chief Investment Officer for Sarbit Advisory Services Inc., Larry Sarbit is a Canadian financial services veteran. Starting his career in 1979 with Richardson Securities as an analyst, Larry began his long study of the U.S. market.

Larry became a Portfolio Manager for Investors Group in 1987 where he managed several U.S. Equity funds with assets over $3 billion. He went on to repeat his success at AIC, where he effectively managed over $2.2 billion.

Larry has over 25 years of investment experience. Undeterred by market volatility, Larry continues to follow his investment philosophy of buying great businesses at a bargain price, while managing with discipline and patience.


Sarbit Advisory Services Inc. Investor Brochure Larry Sarbit Investor Brochure - Activist Opportunities

Funds managed

IA Clarington Sarbit Activist Opportunities Class IA Clarington Sarbit U.S. Equity Class (Unhedged) IA Clarington Sarbit U.S. Equity Fund

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“I’m from the Warren Buffet school of investing. It’s about protection of capital, and that’s what I’ve been focusing on for the last 25 years as an investment manager.”