For high net worth investors

As your assets grow, so does your need for an investment program that can help you manage your wealth.
The IA Clarington Elite Program combines several key features to provide you and your family with a more effective way to manage your assets:

  • distinctive, actively managed investment funds from some of Canada’s leading portfolio managers
  • reduced costs for those funds
  • the opportunity for family members to also benefit from lower fees
  • choices in how you purchase your investments
  • tax-efficient options


Tiered pricing

How it works

Initial qualifying levels
$100K+ in a single fund & account

You can purchase a high net worth series of a fund and enjoy lower fees.

An example of how it works in a single fund: Series A versus Series E

When your client has $100,000 in a single fund and account, switching to Series E (a traditional embedded compensation model), Series FE (partially embedded fee based) or Series P (an unbundled option that separates fees for client reporting) of that fund will result in lower management fees.

Series ASeries E
Management fee2.00%1.75%
Minimum investment$500$100,000
For illustrative purposes only

By purchasing the Series E investment fund, the investor would save 25 basis points compared to the Series A investment fund.

$250K+ in an account

You qualify for fee reductions no matter which series or funds you invest in.1

An example of how it works in an account

Once $250,000 is reached and maintained in a single account, in any combination of series and fund assets on the funds/series offered,3 fee breaks are applied through management fee rebates, starting from the first dollar invested.

Investment assets:
The discount would apply from $0.01 to $250,000 in this example, and would continue up to $500,000 as assets grow.
RebateManagement fee
minus rebate
Series E0.05%1.75% – 0.05%
= 1.70%
For illustrative purposes only
Additional qualifying levels
$500K+ in an account
$1M+ in an account

You qualify for further fee reductions, and the lower fees apply to every dollar you have invested, not just the amounts over the qualifying level.

An example of tiered fee breaks at each threshold

Once $500,000 is reached and maintained in a single account, and then again at $1M in any combination of series and fund assets on most funds in the iA Clarington lineup,3 tiered fee reductions are applied through management fee rebates, starting from the first dollar invested.

Investment assets:
Investment assets:
RebateManagement fee
minus rebate
RebateManagement fee
minus rebate
Series A7.5 bps2.00% – 0.075%
= 1.925%
10 bps2.00% – 0.10%
= 1.90%
Series E7.5 bps1.75% – 0.075%
= 1.675%
10 bps1.75% – 0.10%
= 1.65%
For illustrative purposes only

The discount at $500,000 would apply from $0.01 to $500,000 and then from $0.01 to $1M+ at $1M.

Family Pricing

Here's how it works

When a client account reaches $250,000 in value you can link it to other family and/or corporate accounts to qualify for further management fee rebates.

Account holders must be immediate family members residing at the same address. Alternatively, same family members who own a majority stake in corporate account(s) also qualify.

How Family Pricing works

A father has an account that exceeds the program's minimum. His son and daughter also have accounts, but these are below the minimum. If all three accounts are linked, however, they can all benefit.

Father's accountSeries E$400,000Total value of the three accounts = $525,000, meaning the father's account now qualifies for the second tier discount, as do the smaller accounts.
Son's accountSeries T$90,000
Daughter's accountSeries A$35,000

When the three accounts are linked, the total value takes them over the next rebate threshold, regardless of which series the account is invested in.

Management fee
after rebate
Father's accountSeries E$400,0001.75%7.5 bps1.675%
Son's accountSeries T$90,0002.00%7.5 bps1.925%
Daughter's accountSeries A$35,0002.00%7.5 bps1.925%
For illustrative purposes only

All three accounts benefit from the price break at the second tier: $500K-$1M.





Purchase options Choose the approach that best suits the way you work with your advisor.

Tax-efficient options 

  • Switch your money among corporate class funds2 without triggering immediate tax payments.
  • Defer taxes on monthly cash flow you receive through a payout series3. Choose monthly targeted payout options ranging from 4% to 8%.


Investment options – Choose from a wide range of actively managed funds.

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Talk to your advisor about whether the IA Clarington Elite Program is right for you.



1Not available on Money Market Fund, Short-Term Income Class, Bond Fund Series F, Target Click Funds, Series V of the Inhance Monthly Income SRI Fund, Inhance Canadian Equity SRI Class, Inhance Global Equity SRI Class and Inhance Growth SRI Portfolio, Series I and Series O. Rebates begin at $500K for IA Clarington Strategic Income Fund Series F.  

2The reference to the “tax efficiency” of a corporate class structure refers to the possibility of deferring capital gains on a switch from one class to another. Please refer to the funds’ prospectus for additional information on the risks and benefits of investing in corporate class funds. 

3Returns of capital are not immediately taxable. Your adjusted cost base will be reduced by the amount of any returns of capital. If your adjusted cost base goes below zero, then you will have to pay capital gains tax on the amount below zero. Nothing presented herein should be considered as investment or tax advice. The information and examples provided are intended solely to provide you with general information about the current taxation of certain types of investment income in Canada and the characteristics of certain investment products and should not be relied upon for any other reason. Always consult with your investment advisor and qualified tax professional prior to making an investment decision. The payment of distributions and distribution breakdown is not guaranteed and may fluctuate. “Payouts” or the payment of distributions should not be confused with a fund’s performance, rate of return or yield. If distributions paid by the fund are greater than the performance of the fund, then your original investment will shrink. Distributions paid as a result of capital gains realized by a fund and income and dividends earned by a fund are taxable in your hands in the year they are paid.