Our philosophy

We believe passionately in the value of active management and that investors have the best chance of success when they work with a skilled financial advisor they can trust.

iA Clarington philosophy

We believe in active management.

In today's global marketplace, shifting investor demand and unprecedented access to information and products have created both new challenges and new opportunities. As a result, we believe that the best investor outcomes will be achieved by being invested – not just in the markets, but also in distinctive, outcome-based product solutions, and in active trust-based relationships with advisors.

Today, iA Clarington offers a wide range of active management funds, portfolio solutions, socially responsible investments, and Guaranteed Investment Funds. As a member of the Industrial Alliance family, we also bring strength and stability to every decision.

We believe in active advice.

We firmly believe investors have the best chance of success when they work with a skilled financial advisor they can trust. In a study by The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC), people who worked with financial advisors had vastly more wealth – 4.2 times the median assets more – than people who didn’t. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a trustworthy advocate for those advisors who want the best for their clients.

We believe in our portfolio managers

Rather than having a house view or approach to investing, we believe in partnering with skilled portfolio managers who have their own particular take on how to achieve success for investors. As a result, iA Clarington is home to a number of highly respected portfolio management teams. These experts choose to call us home because they know iA Clarington is where their unique investment personalities can shine brightest for the benefit of investors. And from this we are proud to offer a full lineup of product solutions that span different investment styles, asset classes and regions to help investors reach their goals.

When choosing portfolio managers, we focus on three key factors:


Our portfolio managers have a history of skilled security selection that translates into a desired outcome over the long run, including the effective management of overall portfolio risk. Through the years or even decades of experience, they have developed and honed their own process, and have a unique view of where opportunity can be found and what it looks like.


Our portfolio managers have the conviction to follow through on an idea, the courage to make choices that are different from the index and their peer group and the humility to make portfolio course corrections when necessary.


Our portfolio managers have a very individual take on opportunity. They follow companies and markets constantly, using their own distinct process and discipline to identify prospects the market often overlooks. Opportunity also incorporates the portfolio manager’s ability to be flexible. Managing fund size, limiting constraints and having access to investment opportunities or tools that may not be widely available to retail investors are critical components.

Our portfolio managers use skill, conviction and opportunity in their attempts to deliver results. Those results include whatever investors need to achieve their goals, from higher returns, to a steady flow of income, to reduced risk.