Videos | iA Investment Management | May 26, 2023

Weekly Macro & Market Update

Tune in every Friday for insight and perspective on the macro and market landscape with senior economist and portfolio manager Sébastien Mc Mahon.

Videos | Wellington Square | May 12, 2023

Update on Core Plus & Floating Rate Income

Wellington Square portfolio managers Andrew Khazzam and Jeff Sujitno provide an update on the IA Clarington Core Plus Bond Fund and IA Clarington Floating Rate Income Fund.

Videos | iA Investment Management | Apr. 10, 2023

Driving Wealth-Creation Potential with Quality Dividend Stocks

Portfolio manager Donny Moss discusses key areas of opportunity and risk in the current environment, the outlook for inflation and interest rates, why he’s favouring the Canadian market over the U.S., and why dividend stocks are a crucial component of a well-constructed portfolio.

Videos | Vancity Investment Management | Mar. 22, 2023

ESG-Focused Global Small-Cap Investing

Portfolio manager Marc Sheard provides an overview of the features and benefits of the recently launched IA Clarington Inhance Global Small Cap SRI Fund.

CE Credits | Videos | Loomis Sayles | Mar. 8, 2023

Update on the Loomis Suite of Funds

David Rolley, Lee Rosenbaum, Brian Kennedy and Adam Mushaweh take a deep dive into today’s fluid and complex investment landscape in this wide-ranging update on the IA Clarington Loomis Global Allocation Fund, IA Clarington Loomis Global Multisector Bond Fund, and IA Clarington Loomis U.S. All Cap Growth Fund.

CE credits will be available pending approval.

Videos | QV Investors | Mar. 2, 2023

Quality-Focused Investing

Portfolio managers Steven Kim and Mathew Hermary provide an update on the IA Clarington Canadian Small Cap Fund and IA Clarington Global Equity Fund.

Videos | iA Investment Management | Feb. 6, 2023

Introducing the IA Clarington Global Dividend Fund

Portfolio manager Dan Rohinton discusses our newest mandate and provides insight into the outlook for dividend-paying equities.
Videos | iA Investment Management | Jan. 5, 2023

Positioning for Alpha Opportunities in the Year Ahead

Portfolio manager Dan Bastasic discusses the macro picture for 2023 and explains why he likes the outlook for high yield and U.S. stocks. 

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