Mathew Hermary

Portfolio Manager
QV Investors Inc.

Mathew Hermary

Mathew joined QV Investors in 2013 and is the firm’s Chief Investment Officer. He specializes in U.S. and global equities and has more than a decade of investment industry experience. Prior to QV Investors, Mathew worked at a leading Canadian investment dealer in Vancouver. Mathew holds a BA from the University of Calgary. He is a CFA charterholder and a member of the CFA Society Calgary.

"We believe that investing in high-quality, growing companies that can weather difficult economic conditions is the best way to help investors build and grow their wealth over the long term."

Mathew's philosophy

Mathew aims to build high-conviction portfolios that exhibit measurably better value, growth and dividend characteristics than the benchmark while maintaining broad industry diversification and a focus on risk management.

Our investment process