Active Insights

Active Insights

Enhance your fixed income with emerging market debt

Many income investors face a three-pronged challenge: low yields on Canadian investment grade bonds, rising interest rates and higher inflation. Learn how an expanded opportunity set that includes emerging market debt can help.

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October 2017
Products and Services

Go Beyond New Fund Launch

3 new income funds

Our new funds can help clients meet the challenge of today’s income environment:

  • IA Clarington Global Bond Fund
  • IA Clarington Emerging Markets Fund
  • IA Clarington Global Yield Opportunities Fund

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October 2017
Products and Services

Elite Pricing

New features launched

IA Clarington Elite Pricing for high-net-worth investors now has three new features:

  • Elite series auto-switching
  • Enhanced householding for IA Clarington Managed Portfolios
  • Two new rebate tiers

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September 2017
Active Insights

Clement Gignac

September webcast: Clément Gignac

Clément Gignac provides a timely update on the global economy and markets, and shares his insights on asset class positioning in the funds he manages:

  • IA Clarington Managed Portfolios
  • IA Clarington Monthly Income Balanced Fund
  • IA Clarington Yield Opportunities Fund

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September 2017
Active Insights

A case for cautious optimism

In this video, Dan Bastasic discusses:

  • His positive long-term outlook for high-yield bonds, oil and inflation
  • Why he currently likes the Canadian market over the U.S.
  • Why he’s positioned defensively for the short term

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July 2017
Active Insights

Active Insights

2017 mid-year review

We take a look back – and ahead – at the economy and markets with insights from:

  • Dan Bastasic
  • Jeff Sujitno
  • Terry Thib
  • Clément Gignac

Active Insights

Proceed with caution on the U.S. stock market

In this video, Larry Sarbit discusses:

  • Why high valuations warrant caution
  • The dangers ETF investors may face in the current environment
  • Two of his favourite stocks: Sirius XM and Lions Gate Entertainment

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June 2017
Active Insights

David Taylor

Perspectives on the North American equity markets

In this video, David Taylor discusses:

  • Why he’s overweight Canada
  • Why he thinks value is poised to outperform growth
  • Home Capital Group and fund positioning

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August 2017
Active Insights

Complement your core

Need income? Learn how senior loans and high-yield corporate bonds can complement your clients’ investment grade core.

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June 2017

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As one of Canada’s leading investment management companies, iA Clarington brings clarity, integrity and commitment to a complicated global investment landscape.

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