IA Clarington Elite Pricing offers preferred pricing and rebates on our diverse, actively managed mutual fund lineup starting at $100,000.

You can access Elite Pricing in three ways.


When you have $100,000 invested in an eligible series of an iA Clarington mutual fund (within a single account),you qualify for the discounted Elite series version of the fund,2 which offers a lower management fee than our standard series.

Elite series is available on our wide range of actively managed mutual funds and on all five iA Wealth Managed Portfolios.


When your combined mutual fund holdings reach $250,000 in a single account,1 you will automatically receive our tiered rebates.3 These rebates come in addition to any Elite series discounts you already receive and apply to every dollar invested.

Tiered rebates increase as you continue to build your wealth with iA Clarington mutual funds.

account level rebates


IA Clarington Elite Pricing includes two unique householding opportunities. With a simple, one-time account-linking form, your high-net-worth clients can extend the benefits of Elite Pricing to family members living at the same address. These benefits can also be extended to the primary account holder’s other accounts.

Householding with iA Clarington mutual funds


Primary account holder reaches $250,000 in iA Clarington mutual funds (all series) in a single account.


The tiered account-level rebates are applied to each linked account, all the way back to dollar one.

Householding with iA Wealth Managed Portfolios


Primary account holder reaches $100,000 in an iA Wealth Managed Portfolio in a single account.


Primary account holder’s Elite series discount is applied to linked accounts invested in iA Wealth Managed Portfolios.

Once the primary account holder reaches $250,000 in a single account, the tiered rebates apply to each linked account, all the way back to dollar one.

For more information about IA Clarington Elite Pricing, speak with your financial advisor.

iA Clarington has the right to change or cancel any part of this program at any time. 1 Not available on IA Clarington Money Market Fund; IA Wealth Core Bond Pool Series F; Series V of the IA Clarington Inhance Monthly Income SRI Fund, IA Clarington Inhance Canadian Equity SRI Class, IA Clarington Inhance Global Equity SRI Class and IA Clarington Inhance Growth SRI Portfolio; Series I; and Series O. DSC securities held within seven years of the original purchase date and low-load securities held within three years of the original purchase date do not qualify. 2 Elite Series is available for front-end and fully unbundled series options. Not available for Series F. 3 A management fee rebate may result in tax implications in non-registered accounts. HST is also applicable on the rebates, management fees and advisor service fees. Wellington Square refers to Wellington Square Capital Partners Inc. (sub-advisor) and Wellington Square Advisors Inc. (sub-sub advisor). Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees, brokerage fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments, including investments in exchange-traded series of mutual funds. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. The iA Clarington Funds are managed by IA Clarington Investments Inc. iA Clarington and the iA Clarington logo, and iA Wealth and the iA Wealth logo, are trademarks of Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc. and are used under license.