Notice: Pricing of Fixed-Income ETFs

While fixed-income ETFs remain a unique investment tool within diversified portfolios, until the market volatility stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, you may see wide bid/ask spreads and at times significant differences between market prices and net asset values.

In this difficult environment, we urge advisors and investors to exercise caution when placing trades in ETFs, including IA Clarington Active ETF Series. Investors who wish to continue trading in ETFs should consider using limit orders in place of market orders.


Exchange-traded access to select funds

Active ETF Series provide exchange-traded access to select mandates in iA Clarington’s lineup of high-conviction, actively managed funds. With Active ETF Series, you can access the same strategies, exposures and portfolio managers as our mutual fund series, but in an investment that trades like a stock.

If you work with an advisor licensed to trade securities on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Active ETF Series may be a good option for you. Active ETF Series provide investors with:

  • An additional avenue for accessing our unique active mandates
  • Trading flexibility to buy and sell throughout the day

Active ETF Series are available for the following funds: