Podcasts |Loomis Sayles |Mar. 15, 202115 Mar 2021

Update on IA Clarington Global Multisector Bond Fund with Fred Sweeney

In this podcast, Fred Sweeney, Vice-President at Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P., discusses the current state of the global fixed income markets and provides an update on portfolio positioning.

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Podcasts |Loomis Sayles |Mar. 4, 20214 Mar 2021

Update on IA Clarington Loomis Global Allocation Fund with Gretchen Amidon

In this 10-minute podcast, Gretchen Amidon, Product Manager, Global Equities, Loomis, Sayles & Company, L.P., provides an update on key equity holdings and explains how the portfolio management team is positioning within fixed income amid rising yields and inflation expectations.

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Podcasts |Industrial Alliance Investment Management |Oct. 1, 20201 Oct 2020

Podcast with Donny Moss

Portfolio manager Donny Moss discusses why he’s favouring high-quality companies with potential to grow their dividends, and why he has increased his exposure to the health care and real estate sectors. He also walks us through some new additions to his Canadian and U.S. mandates, and offers perspective on why there’s often a significant divergence in the performance of the economy and stock market.

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Podcasts |Industrial Alliance Investment Management |Sep. 24, 202024 Sep 2020

Podcast with Louis Gagnon

Louis discusses the impact of recent central bank actions on the fixed-income markets and explains why he disagrees with the view that the traditional 60%/40% portfolio is dead.

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Podcasts |Industrial Alliance Investment Management |Jun. 10, 202010 Jun 2020

Podcast with Sébastien Mc Mahon

An analysis of the factors driving the recent market rally. Sébastien also discusses why he’s cautious on risk assets over the short term, but bullish for the 6–12 month period.


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Podcasts |QV Investors |May. 15, 202015 May 2020

Podcast: Ian Cooke on COVID-19

In this 12-minute podcast, portfolio manager Ian Cooke explains why he thinks expectations for a V-, W-, or ‘swoosh’-shaped recovery miss the mark. He also discusses the sectors he’s overweighting and the qualities he looks for in a small-cap stock, particularly under difficult economic conditions.
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Podcasts |Donny Moss |Apr. 28, 202028 Apr 2020

Podcast: Donny Moss on COVID-19

In this 10-minute podcast, portfolio manager Donny Moss discusses the outlook for North American equities, his expectations for the pace of the anticipated economic recovery, and some of the portfolio adjustments he’s made to take advantage of recent volatility.

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