• Market insightsLe point sur les marchésiA ClaringtonOct 5, 20175 Oct 2017

    Enhance your fixed income with emerging market debt

    Many income investors face a three-pronged challenge: low yields on Canadian investment grade bonds, rising interest rates and higher inflation. Learn how an expanded opportunity set that includes emerging market debt can help.

  • Market insightsLe point sur les marchésiA ClaringtonAug 9, 20179 Aug 2017

    2017 mid-year review

    We take a look back – and ahead – at the economy and markets with insights from:

    • Dan Bastasic
    • Jeff Sujitno
    • Terry Thib
    • Clément Gignac
  • Market insightsLe point sur les marchésiA ClaringtonJun 22, 201722 Jun 2017

    Complement your core fixed income with high-yield corporate bonds and senior loans

    Need income? Learn how senior loans and high-yield corporate bonds can complement your clients’ investment grade core.

  • Market insightsLe point sur les marchésDavid TaylorApr 4, 20174 Apr 2017

    Anticipating expansion: How to position for the next phase of global growth

    Global economies appear to be entering an extended period of synchronized expansion. David Taylor explains how investors can position themselves and why an active approach will be critical to generating positive outcomes.

  • Market insightsLe point sur les marchésJeff SujitnoFeb 9, 20179 Feb 2017

    Senior loans and reinvestment risk

    Learn more about how an active approach can help to mitigate reinvestment risk as demand for senior loans increase.
  • Market insightsLe point sur les marchésiA ClaringtonJan 5, 20175 Jan 2017

    2017 manager outlook

    Find out what our portfolio managers are saying about the year ahead, including:
    • Where they see opportunities
    • Where they foresee challenges in the markets
    • How they are positioning their funds
    • Their approach for 2017
  • Market insightsLe point sur les marchésiA ClaringtonDec 7, 20167 Dec 2016

    Why the celebration?

    Three of our Strategic funds managed by Dan Bastasic just reached their five-year anniversaries:
    • IA Clarington Strategic Income Fund
    • IA Clarington Strategic Corporate Bond Fund
    • IA Clarington Strategic Equity Income Fund
  • Market insightsLe point sur les marchésiA ClaringtonNov 21, 201621 Nov 2016

    How currency volatility can impact income portfolios

    For investors seeking to draw income, it is critical to manage the risk of loss due to currency exchange rate fluctuations. Learn more…