Mutual Fund Investing: Understanding the Costs

Mutual funds are professionally managed, diversified investments that can provide ready access to opportunities that may not be available to individual investors. As with many goods and services, mutual funds have ongoing costs.

Are U.S. Dollar Funds Right for You?

U.S. dollar funds may be an ideal solution if you're looking to invest and spend in U.S. currency.

How Do Currency Fluctuations Affect My Investments?

The potential impact of currency fluctuations should always be a consideration when you buy mutual funds that invest outside of Canada. Here’s a primer on the most common approaches portfolio managers take to this important aspect of international investing.

What Are Mutual Funds and Why Would You Want to Invest in Them?

A mutual fund is a way of pooling your investment money with a large group of other investors. As a group, you get advantages and cost savings that might not be available to you as an individual investor.

Management Expense Ratios Explained

The Management Expense Ratio, or MER, is a fee charged on mutual funds for the costs associated with running the fund.