What Are My Options When the Market is Down?

In a declining market, your first instinct may be to cut and run. This short case study on the 2008 financial crisis shows that staying invested or adding to your portfolio may be better options.

The Bulls Outweigh the Bears

Historically, periods of strong market performance have lasted longer than and more than made up for losses incurred during bear markets.

Staying the Course In a Bear Market

History shows that investors who patiently weather market downturns are rewarded for staying focused on the long term.

The Storm Before the Calm

Historically, severe market downturns have typically been followed by a strong rebound beyond pre-decline highs, rewarding patient investors who stay the course.

Emotional Investing

When we feel threatened, experience tells us to get away as fast as possible. But when it comes to investing, this is often the least advisable response.