Dominic Siciliano

Senior Vice-President, Head of Fixed Income
Industrial Alliance Investment Management Inc.

Dominic Siciliano

Dominic has 25 years of experience working in the financial markets. In his current role, he leads the development of iAIM’s fixed-income teams to bring innovative products to the market and superior return potential to investor portfolios.

Prior to joining iAIM, Dominic was Vice-President of Portfolio Construction, Active Duration, at Addenda Capital, where he played a key role in growing the firm’s fixed-income business. He previously spent 10 years at Merrill Lynch and began his career as an analyst at the Montreal Exchange.

Dominic holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Concordia University.

"My goal is to offer investors reliable income streams while focusing on preservation of invested capital."

Dominic's philosophy

Dominic aims to provide investors with the safety and income they need from their core fixed-income holdings. He actively manages interest rate and inflation risk to help protect investors' purchasing power and uses a rigorous security selection process to optimize the sector and yield curve positioning of his funds.