Built for diversification.

Today’s investing environment is more complex and fast-paced than ever before. Persistent market volatility has some investors wondering if they’re going to meet their goals. Investors want solutions – and they want ones that can stand the test of time.

Introducing IA Clarington Managed Portfolios

IA Clarington Managed Portfolios are comprehensive and actively-managed, designed for today’s complex markets. You benefit from a portfolio that’s aligned with your risk profile – backed by the strength and deep investment expertise of iA Clarington. The iA Clarington Managed Portfolios can provide you with:

  1. Instant and broad diversification

    A broadly-diversified portfolio is a hallmark of any investment strategy designed to meet long-term investment goals. Spreading assets over a number of investment types generally provides a more consistent experience.

    As you will see in the chart below, markets and asset classes swing in and out of favour each year. Trying to time your exposure to the top performers is a challenge few get right. And choosing the wrong asset class or not adequately diversifying your holdings can expose you to unnecessary risk.

    With IA Clarington Managed Portfolios, professional money managers ensure that your investments are appropriately diversified so that you don’t have to.


    Annual Returns of Various Asset Classes

  2. Built for your target risk profile

    Five different IA Clarington Managed Portfolios are built to target a balance of return and risk by carefully combining asset classes for diversification, depending on your risk profile.

    Target Risk Profile

  3. Optimized for today and tomorrow

    IA Clarington Managed Portfolios are actively managed and rigorously monitored to ensure that your portfolio remains on track and is suitably aligned to your goals and risk profile.

    Optimized for Today and Tomorrow

  4. Managed with experience


    Led by iA Financial’s Chief Economist Clément Gignac, the team employs a flexible and diligent asset allocation process that focuses on the analysis of global economic and market conditions. As market conditions change, your portfolio can shift as needed, while still maintaining its broader objectives


    The underlying portfolio segments are well diversified and actively managed by asset class specialists from some of North America's most well-respected investment firms. Each focuses on meticulous security selection from a unique perspective, bringing beneficial style diversity to the portfolios.


    Portfolio Segment Managers

  5. Simple to set up. Easy to stay on track.

    Simply complete the concise investor questionnaire with your advisor. It is designed to complement discussions you will have together to fully understand your unique investor profile. Once completed, it can help you and your advisor select the IA Clarington Managed Portfolio most suited to you. 

    Your portfolio is fully invested and diversified from the start, and remains invested and actively managed to help keep you on track toward your goals. If ever there are changes to your goals or financial situation, remember to inform your advisor to ensure that your plan is adjusted accordingly.

IA Clarington Managed Portfolios offer:

  • Broad diversification aligned to your personal risk profile
  • Active management of security selection, tactical asset allocation and foreign currency exposure
  • Daily portfolio monitoring with ongoing rebalancing to maintain designated target-risk levels
  • In-depth reporting through quarterly commentaries, portfolio analytics and personalized client statements
  • Peace of mind, knowing you are fully invested and on track toward your goals

Talk to your financial advisor to get IA Clarington Managed Portfolios working for you today.



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