• Podcasts |QV Investors |May 15, 202015 May 2020

    Podcast: Ian Cooke on COVID-19

    QV Investors

    Recorded May 15, 2020

    In this 12-minute podcast, portfolio manager Ian Cooke explains why he thinks expectations for a V-, W-, or ‘swoosh’-shaped recovery miss the mark. He also discusses the sectors he’s overweighting and the qualities he looks for in a small-cap stock, particularly under difficult economic conditions.


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  • Podcasts |Mathew Hermary |Apr 21, 202021 Apr 2020

    Podcast: Mathew Hermary on COVID-19

    Mathew Hermary

    Recorded April 21, 2020

    In this 10-minute podcast, Mathew Hermary discusses some of the portfolio adjustments he’s made to take advantage of opportunities presented by recent market volatility. He also explains what he believes is the best way to approach energy sector positioning given the steep decline in oil prices.


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  • Conference calls |QV Investors |Apr 1, 20201 Apr 2020

    Conference call replay: Insights on coronavirus & volatility with Joe Jugovic and Ian Cooke

    QV Investors

    Recorded April 1, 2020

    On this call, portfolio managers Joe Jugovic and Ian Cooke of QV Investors discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the markets and provided an update on Fund positioning.


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