Dan Bastasic

Senior Vice-President, Investments
IA Clarington Investments Inc.

Dan-Bastasic-square[1] Dan Bastasic, Senior Vice President, Investments, is the lead portfolio manager for the iA Clarington Strategic family of funds as well as the IA Clarington Tactical Income Fund. Dan joined iA Clarington in 2011. His expertise is in the equity and equity-income categories along with the high yield and investment grade corporate bond sectors.

Prior to joining iA Clarington, Dan was a lead portfolio manager on several fixed income, equity income and balanced mandates at a large Canadian investment firm. Previously, Dan was an analyst at a large Canadian utility company.

Dan has over 20 years of investment experience. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree (finance) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University Of Windsor, a Chartered Financial Analyst designation (CFA), and is a member of the Toronto CFA Society.

Dan Bastasic Investor Brochure

Funds managed

IA Clarington Strategic Corporate Bond Class IA Clarington Strategic Corporate Bond Fund IA Clarington Strategic Equity Income Class IA Clarington Strategic Equity Income Fund IA Clarington Strategic Equity Income GIF IA Clarington Strategic Income Class IA Clarington Strategic Income Fund IA Clarington Strategic Income GIF IA Clarington Strategic U.S. Growth & Income Fund IA Clarington Tactical Income Class IA Clarington Tactical Income Fund IA Clarington Tactical Income GIF

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"My funds don’t reflect the index, and for good reason. To maximize returns, you have to minimize risk and try to preserve the client’s original investment. To do that, you can’t just follow the index."

Learn about Dan's philosophy

Award-winning manager Dan Bastasic seeks to provide investors with stable income options. He uses a value-oriented bottom-up approach, analyzes his equity and fixed-income positions using the same process, and is constantly monitoring and fine tuning his portfolio for tomorrow’s opportunities by maintaining a 12-month strategic outlook on the markets. He acts as both a portfolio manager and analyst, and uses his analysis of equities and bonds to generate the “best ideas” for the portfolio. 

Key focus: 

  • Value-based investment bias.
  • Combine fundamentals valuation and quantitative analysis to identify opportunities.
  • Use macro analysis to identify systemic risks and opportunities.      
  • Focus on absolute returns.
  • Manage portfolio risk through diversification and currency management.

Five step process 

Dan Bastasic 5 Bucket Approach

  1. Sustainability
    • Safety of income.
    • Cash flow sustainability.
  2. Profitability
    • Earnings consistency.
    • Quantitative analysis.
  3. Valuation
    • Business and industry analysis.
    • Income statement and balance sheet analysis – liquidation value scenarios.
    • Estimate of net asset value.
    • Discounted cash flow analysis:
      • What is the firm worth privately?
      • What are the assets actually worth?
      • In a liquidation scenario or in a takeover scenario, what is the firm worth?
    • Comparison of company to industry multiples – market valuations, ROE, earnings vs. the market.
    • Doesn’t buy based on P/E or book value alone.
  4. Risk analysis
    • Portfolio based on value and margin of safety.
    • Focus on core holdings within each sector.
    • Absolute return focus.
    • Due diligence (tour companies).
    • Deep industry understanding.
  5. Catalyst for change
    • Dan and his team look for a catalyst or a “free option” with potential investments; these are pockets of value or expected business changes that may not be reflected in the current price of the security.